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The pros & cons of cheap international calls
What are the best ways to make
cheap international calls?

There are a lot of ways to make international calls but many of these ways are restrictive,
expensive or out dated.

Let’s look at the pros and cons for all the different methods of calling internationally so you
can make international calls in the easiest and cheapest way…


Calling from the comfort of your home has its plus points; it’s comfortable, easy and familiar. However, it’s quite outdated as it can be expensive depending what kind of plan you have - and as you have no idea how much you are spending until you get your bill costs can spiral out of control.

In addition, relying on your landline to make international phone calls means you are sacrificing mobility and easy access.

Using VOIP (Like Skype)

Making international calls from your computer has become a popular way of calling, predominantly because it’s free, which is generally always a good thing. However, the quality of calls are often very poor with time delays in the conversation, problems with being able to hear each other and getting cut off.

It really does make having a conversation with friends and family quite challenging. Plus you need an internet connection in order to be able to make and receive calls.


This is probably the newest way to make cheap international calls; it gives you the freedom to make calls wherever you are from your mobile phone – without your network provider charging you for it.

International calling services attach the international phone number you want to dial to a local number of the country you are in. This way you just pay for calling a local number; this is often free on many contracts.You then just pay the international calling provider a very small rate per minute.

You are in control of how much you spend and get extremely low rates. The only downside is you have to register but it only takes a minute.

Using international
calling cards

Years ago this used to be the best method to make international calls as the rates used to be very good, however the lengthy process of dialling the access phone number, your pin number and then the number you want to call is irritating.

If you leave the card at home or lose it, you can’t make a call when you want to. Plus the access number is often a free call number which isn’t free to call from your mobile phone.

Calling from your contract mobile phone

If you don’t have an international calling plan set up on your mobile phone contract, making international calls will be incredibly expensive.

Although sometimes you need to for convenience but its really best to avoid this option altogether. If you use an online international calling service you can call from your mobile phone without the excessive costs.

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