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Forget calling cards, our service costs less and it’s easier

Calling cards used to be the cheapest way to make international phone calls. However, as more options present themselves, the downsides of calling cards have become more obvious. International phone cards have since slowly became the more expensive and inconvenient option when making international calls.

In order to get good rates, you may have to keep changing your phone card depending on which continent you are in. Not only that, using calling cards also require for you to dial several codes and pin numbers before you can successfully place an international call. You have to re-enter these codes and pin numbers in the event that your call gets cut midway. This long process is tedious, long winded and downright annoying. Luckily Cheaper Calls take out all the hassle of making international phone calls, and our rates are cheaper.

Get rid of your old fashioned phone card and opt for a more affordable, convenient and easy way to call your loved ones or colleagues abroad. Cheaper Calls offers competitive rates worldwide with premium call quality. Whether you would prefer a pay as you use solution, or you make a lot of calls so prefer bundles, we have both.
You can also use Cheaper Calls from any mobile phone or use our calling app. In fact, you can make free calls using the Cheaper Calls app if both you and the person you are calling has the app and calls using 2G, 3G or WiFi – our app is compressed so will only use a tiny amount of data compared to other calling apps.

Why Switch to Cheaper Calls?


    Gone are the days when you had to waste several minutes to scratch a calling card and dial the lengthy numbers. With Cheaper Calls, you can easily place a call without having to worry about PIN codes. It’s even easier through our app – just call your loved ones as usual and we will ensure you only get charged with our rates.


    Cheaper Calls allocated a local number for all of your contacts so your current provider doesn’t realise you are calling internationally. These ‘local calls’ are likely to be included in your inclusive minutes.


    Unlike other international call providers, Cheaper Calls offers its premium service for all of its users. There are no extra charges for our premium service; quality is in everything we do.


    Once you register for Cheaper Calls, you will get an online account. You can check all of your transactions from your online account. This is a great way to make sure that you are using your credit sensibly. You can check your remaining balance and manage your contacts.

    Calling cards have become a thing of the past; Cheaper Calls is definitely a great way to make quality international phone calls without having to deal with all the hassles using a phone card. So what else are you waiting for? Try out Cheaper Calls and make your international calling experience easier, cheaper and absolutely hassle-free.

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Cheaper Calls offers you the best rates to call back home and is as easy as making a regular call from your mobile phone.

Alanna Palma

Just fantastic! I just love it! I wish I have discovered it before!

Micki Stoddard

What a fantastic service to call internationally. No doubt the best way to call Pakistan I have found from far.

Javed Ali

Call anywhere in the world

            from less than /min            

With Cheaper Calls you can call almost any landline and mobile phone in the world from the cheapest rate.

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